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Miner Power

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Payment Method:

1. Please purchase at this page and make a payment based on the payment instructions.If the payment method is not suitable for you, please consult customer service to ask other payment methods.

2. When ordering please be sure to choose a good way of logistics. If the selected logistics company is not in the list, please fill in the "order notes" need to transport the logistics.

Product Description:

1.Note: Due to different countries and regions, the power plug is not the same, the product does not include 220V end power cord. Power PIN line interface is 6.

2.This power is only applicable to Litecoin Miner.

3. This product need to be paid in full, logistics freight to pay. Delivery time: About 15 days after payment delivery.We advise you to research and prepare in advance for the customs' clearance in your country to avoid delays or unexpected costs.

4. The money paid will not be refunded, except the mining machine can not be shipped.

5.BW retains the final interpretation of the presale


The power supply for the AC-DC power supply system module. With undervoltage protection, output short circuit protection, overcurrent protection and other functions.

Electrical performance indicators


Enter the rated voltage 200—240V

Input voltage range 185—264V


Output rated voltage 12.20-12.25V

Rated output power 1450W


Enter the undervoltage protection point ≤180V

Enter the undervoltage recovery point ≤185V

Insulation and safety specifications

Dielectric strength

Input and output 3000Vac/10mA/1min

Insulation resistance

Input and output ≥50MΩ@500Vdc

EMC and lightning protection requirements

Conducted interference

EN55022 CLASSA(Power System Instructions)

Radiation interference

EN55022 CLASSA(Power System Instructions)

Static immunity

Shell, parts that can be touched by hands during normal operation: IEC6100-4-2; contact discharge ± 6KV; air discharge ± 8KV Criterion A; (when tested)

Conducted against disturbance

IEC6100-4-6 LEVEL4

Radiated immunity

IEC6100-4-3 LEVEL4

Fast transient burst

IEC6100-4-4 LEVEL4

Harmonic current

IEC6100-3-2(6) CLASSA

Environment Conditions

Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Working humidity

5-95% (No frost)

Store humidity

0-95% (No frost)



Cooling method

Forced air cooling

Mechanical structure


L * W * H=255(±0.3)×91(±0.1) ×46(±0.2) mm



Contact Information:

QQ: 364505416

Tel: 13602524725

After-sales Policy:

Mining machine is different from consumer electronics products, but according to customer needs specially tailored for investment products, investment should be cautious.

This product after-sales service policy is as follows, once purchased, is deemed to agree with this policy:

1. Investment should be cautious, the mining machine was sold, does not support the refund or return.

2. After the arrival of 180 days to support the repair, repair shipping costs borne by the buyer.

3. Mining machine prices may be adjusted according to market conditions without prior notice and price compensation, please understand.

The warranty will be void for the following conditions:

1. Buyers disassemble, modify components;

2. Upon arrival, suffered natural disasters such as weather damage;

3. Water, circuit boards and components damp, corrosion damage;

4. The buyer buys another bad power result in damage;

5. The circuit board is damaged or burned;

6. All the damage caused by the buyer and so on.

If this happens, we provide you with a fee repair service. Specific circumstances, please contact customer service.

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