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  • Member registration agreement

Before signing up, please read the following contents. In the process of registering, click "agree and continue" button to indicate that the user fully accepts all the terms and conditions under this agreement.

Article 1 membership

After you have promised to fully agree to the terms of this service and complete the registration procedure on the website of the website, you can become a member of this website and enjoy the service of shenzhen biwang electronic commerce co., LTD.

Article 2: membership privileges

1. The member must sign the contract and pay relevant business expenses to enjoy all the tax services provided by this website (other registered new enterprises can only enjoy some platform services);

2. Any member shall have the obligation to abide by the provisions and other network services agreements, regulations, procedures and practices.

Article 3: membership information

1, in order to enable us to better provide service for members, please provide detailed and accurate personal information, such as how to change, please update in time, providing false information the consequences shall be borne by the members;

2. Members shall have the responsibility to take care of their own registration codes and make regular changes to avoid causing losses. Members shall bear the losses caused by the negligence of members. Users shall be liable for all activities and events carried out in their user accounts.

Article 4: membership cancellation

If any member is found to have one of the following intentional ACTS, this net reserves the right to cancel the use of the service without any compensation;

1. May cause all or local services of this website to be affected or jeopardize the operation of this website;

2. To obtain membership qualification by any fraud;

3. Using the network service system for any illegal purpose;

Article 5: supplementary provisions

1. The above provisions are limited to the website of shenzhen biwang electronic commerce co., LTD. (

2. If the members of this network violate the relevant laws and regulations in violation of the above provisions, all consequences are self-conceited. Shenzhen biwang electronic commerce co., LTD. Shall not assume any responsibilities;

3. Within the scope of this article, shenzhen biwang electronic commerce co., LTD. Shall have the right of final interpretation.

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